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Colombian Organic Sierra Nevada

Colombian dark roast whole bean coffee

Colombian Dark Roast

Colombian Narino whole bean coffee

Colombian Narino Volcanico

Colombian Pitalito Lamboyano whole bean coffee

Colombian Pitalito Laboyano

Colombian Light Roast whole bean coffee

Colombian Light Roast

Colombian Quimbaya whole bean coffee

Colombian Quimbaya


Colombia: The original home of coffee

The devotion Colombians show to the art of coffee is nothing short of inspirational. Many people devote their lives to the study of the Arabica coffee beans. Some even go so far as to live in solitary confinement, sacrificing the comforts of normal life in order to dedicate themselves to truly understanding the gift of coffee.

Cafe Britt understands and admires this devotion, and we choose to honor this powerhouse with a deep appreciation of the beans they grow.

We are delighted to offer enticing blends from the best coffee growing regions of Colombia. The Central region, features milder weather allowing for less aggressive flavors and much higher acidity. In contrast the temperamental weather of the Eastern regions produces beans with a much stronger taste and less acidity.

Our Colombian Quimbaya blend highlights the Quindio region whose high elevation and dedicated workers provide some of the finest tasting coffee on the planet. Right in the heart of the Colombian coffee belt, this blend offers surprising fruit and honey flavors.

We also offer a blend from the Laboyos Valley, where the rainfall and tropical weather conditions produce beans with a rich, powerful flavor. This strong brew is roasted to perfection highlighting the heavy aroma and strong flavors boasted by the region.

Our NariƱo Volcanico blend benefits from the nutrient value of the rich volcanic soil of the mountainous coastline. These beans are grown at altitudes of up to 1,600 meters where the mildly warm weather allows them to mature at a rate slow enough to fully develop their flavors. The result is a sweet smelling coffee with a slightly intense acidity.

The high altitudes and tropical climate of Colombia make the Arabica beans grown in the country especially tempting to taste buds. Years of testing and experimenting have given the Colombian growers a system that consistently delivers high quality beans with poignant aromas and perfectly balanced flavors.

Colombian growers have developed the patience to allow their beans the time to grow and mature properly. The growing process alone can last between two to four years. Because of our friendships with these farmers we are able to testify to the healthiness of their growing procedures and select the best beans for roasting.

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